My raw material

High quality clay - Soft almond oil - Shea butter - Allantoin - Vitamin E - Pomegranate seeds vegetable oil 
Aquaxyl Hydraconcept - Regu-age - Syn-ake - Syn-tacks - Inoveol

High quality clayMontmorillonite



Clay regenerates skin in depth, attracts and destroys any polluting substances. It is a major scientific discovery. Through the microscope, clay is groups of layers destroying bacteria and pathogenic fungi whilst preserving the skin. It is a natural rejuvenator.

 Numerous animals use it to treat certain diseases and internal organs. This was how a mysterious was of extracting deep within the skin was found.

Skin was originally thought to have been a simple envelope. It is in fact a true organ that functions closely with the hormonal, immune and nervous systems. Hence the powerful attributes clay has on sensitive skin. Clay is a living substance that reacts directly on unhealthy areas, rids the skin from germs and bacteria and rebuilds anew.

Clay respects the body’s natural balance rather than destroying purposelessly as do antiseptic and chemical creams.

Acne-ridden, irritated, sensitive skin: clay can change your life. Fast results.



Clay is made up of small layers that capture, attract and eliminate substances that are harmful to the body.

Capturing bacteria and harmful microorganisms:

The microorganisms secrete a sticky cover of sugar, which allows them to cling to the tissues of the skin. Clay mixes with these to capture them.

1.     Captures and neutralizes toxins

Thanks to the force between the layers, the clay can attract then catch numerous molecules in order to neutralize them. Toxins, bacteria, alkaloids and a variety of poisons are eliminated whilst avoiding organic and nutritive substances.

2.     Stimulates and remineralises the organism

Clay constitutes a natural bank of minerals and oligo-elements.

3.     Antiseptic

Bacteria, fungi and viruses are neutralized by simple contact, absorption and electrostatic force with a soothing action towards the surrounding tissues.

4.     Healing attributes

Clay has a haemostatic attribute and stimulates the tissue’s regeneration.

5.     Soothes the pain

Clay has a soothing action on inflammation whilst avoiding secondary effects that pain-relieving treatments sometimes cause.

6.     Cleanses

Clay drains the oedemas from a distance, neutralizes any festering and the bacteria and toxins are eliminated.

7.     Protects from harmful rays

X-rays, radioactivity. A mysterious attribute as if clay captured secondary radioactivity from irradiated tissues. Clay can also allow to better handle radiotherapy treatments.

8.     Deodorizes

Clay absorbs odours. It is an excellent deodorant. Very useful in case of intoxication (see a doctor).

Soft almond oil (clay face cream, clay mask, clay hand cream, anti-wrinkle elixir, precious serum)


Amande douce

Functions: anti-stretch marks, anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening, strengthening, moisturizing, penetrating, restructuring, tonifying, psoriasis treatment.

Almonds are rich in healthy fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B and E as well as being good for moisturizing, nourishing and calming.

-        Almond Oil Attributes

-        Calming

-        Softening, moisturizing

-        It can be pure or mixed with other oils. Apply on dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks

-        Aromatherapy: dilute essential oils

-        Badly treated hair: brilliance and softness

Shea butter (clay face cream, clay eye contour, clay hand cream, clay hair care, clay body balm)


Shea is a natural organic product as its tree (Butyrospermum Parkii) only grows in the wild in West and Central Africa. Shea has real virtues for the skin: it moisturizes, softens, protects and enhances thanks to its exceptionally rich composition of vitamins (A, D, E, F) and latex. In African countries, mothers use it on their babies to prevent or heal irritated areas.

The daily use of shea butter will enable you to benefit from its three virtues:

1)     A better elasticity of the skin. Straight after massaging the shea butter on your skin, you will feel the difference

2)     Moisturizing of the skin

3)     Protection against the various weather conditions, in particular throughout winter to avoid dryness and accelerated aging of the skin.

Allantoin (clay face cream, clay face mask, clay body balm, clay hand cream)

From the roots of the great Comfrey, Allantoin is well-known for its healing, softening and soothing attributes. This ingredient was chosen for your health care and skin care products.



-        Heals and repairs: stimulates skin renewal

-        Soothes: calming for inflammations

-        Moisturizes: improves the skin’s capacity of retaining water

-        Keratolytic: helps eliminate dead skin and give skin a renewed brilliance

-        Softens: makes the skin softer and more supple



-        Sensitive skin

-        Irritated skin (after waxing, after shaving, after tanning and other weather conditions)

-        Damaged skin, burns,…

-        Acne-ridden skin

Vitamin E (clay body balm, clay face cream, clay hand cream, anti-wrinkle Elixir, Precious Serum)

Vitamin E plays a major role as an antioxidant in the skin. The mitochondrion contain high levels of vitamin E. This antioxidant avoids oxidation of the skin. Vitamin E is also useful for moisturizing and inflammations. It also improves the skin’s micro-circulation.

Main ingredients of the anti-wrinkle cream Gen’tonic 

POMEGRANATE SEEDS VEGETABLE OIL (also in the Clay eye contour)

Particularly rich in alpha punicic acid, fatty acids, Vitamins E and F, it calms skin inflammations.

A powerful antioxidant, its anti-radicular action fights against the effects of UV rays, pollution and stress. With its anti-aging, restorative and regenerating attributes, it prevents wrinkles.

AQUAXYL HYDRACONCEPT (also in the range of clay products)

New moisturizing and restructuring technology, it visible improves the skin’s surface after a month and increases the reserve of water; restores hydration to the core (PATENTED PRODUCT CERTIFIED BY ECOCERT).


This new anti-aging agent comes from purified soya and rice peptides and yeast proteins through biotechnology. It reduces darkness around the eyes. It improves the micro-circulation, protects the collagen and elastin and reduces the harmful effects on the skin. It also increases the intake of oxygen in the skin tissues. In-vivo tests have confirmed the visible results after 4-weeks usage. It helps the skin regain its natural firmness.


This little peptide imitates snake’s venom by targeting the neuromuscular activity. It is excellent against wrinkles. It softens the face by relaxing the facial muscles. Facial wrinkles diminish by 52% in 28 days.

Tests have shown that by applying a SYN-AKE based cream twice a day on the forehead, it generates a relaxing effect on the muscles for 80% of people tested and successful anti-wrinkling effect for 73%.


It is the combination of 2 efficient peptides to increase the skin’s firmness, reduce wrinkles and increase the skin’s tonicity. It stimulates key proteins in the skin.


This powerful phyto-active molecule comes from green tea: it anticipates skin aging, reduces inflammations, and is recognised for its soothing attribute (PATENTED PRODUCT CERTIFIED BY ECOCERT).

Our gift: natural alun stone


What is it for?

Deodorant: It destroys body odours by eliminating bacteria.

Odour removal: It also works well in fridges.

Hemostatic: Ideal for small razor cuts.

Application: moisten the stone and apply on the skin.