Who are we ?

The company

BEAUTE'tonic® is a Nice-based company, in the heart of olive groves, sharing its love of nature. Nature has inspired a range based on natural and organic clay products to give you the best for your skin.
As science moves forward in leaps and bounds and helps to stay younger longer, I created the range GEN'tonic®.
The alliance of patented anti-wrinkle attributes and natural anti-oxidants succeeds visibly against the nuisances of time.
Our laboratory continuously studies new technologies in order to offer an ever-improving range of efficient products.


Quality insurance of my products

First laboratory tests up to sales, cosmetic products must go through compulsory tests. Before putting a cosmetic product on the market, each supplier must establish a detailed account, checked by the authorities (AFSSAPS and DGCCRF), who have the right to inspect at any time.

A chemist and a pharmacist must be registered in a dossier sent to the AFSSAPS (French Authority concerning Health and Safety for Health Products).

This dossier contains:

A qualitative and quantitative formula per product

The physico-chemical and microbiological specifications of the raw material of each cosmetic product

The relative data concerning the products’ tests

The description of production conditions and control

Security evaluation for human health of the finished product

Name and addresses of the qualified people responsible for the evaluation of security including their professional level of qualification.

Any potential unwanted effects

Proof of the claimed effects

The BEAUTE'tonic® products are of course made with respect to French law.


A word from the creator

Geneviève CarlinHaving managed a cosmetics laboratory for 5 years, I decided to value the knowledge acquired over the years to create high quality, natural products.

The many travels I have been on brought me closer to tribes, notably the Amazon forest, meeting people who only use natural products.

Having always been interested in nature and its riches, some of them offered some of their beauty and health secrets based on clay, plants and beehives. I have therefore been able to create a personal range of efficient and non-aggressive care with respect with the physiological balance of the skin. These products reflect an unequalled price quality ratio. After a recurrence of successful tests, I decided to create my company.

My mission is to offer women and their families health care products that range from natural ingredients to innovative agents.  Also, I guarantee products without parabens, without dye, not tested on animals and including an organic preservative.

Geneviève Carlin