Clay-based cosmetics and high quality anti-aging creams

BEAUTE'tonic® offers a whole range of beauty products based on a variety of colours of clay, especially adapted for your body’s every need.

Clay is a gift from Nature that rhymes with BEAUTY, HEALTH and WELL-BEING. Its’ numerous virtues are very accessible to us: Purifying, Absorbing, Antiseptic, Haemostatic, Soft, Anti-inflammatory, Healing, Calming, Decongestant, Soothing, Regenerating.

Our range ARGI'tonic® comes in a variety of clay, white, green (Montmorillonite) and red, associated with natural and organic products creating a healing cocktail of well-being.

The anti-aging products GEN'tonic®, stemmed from the latest scientific research, combines cutting-edge, patented anti-wrinkle actives, anti-puffiness, vegetable oil (pomegranate seeds and sweet almond) and antioxidant vitamins.

Our anti-wrinkle cream and its’ serum provides impressive results on puffiness, dark rings under the eyes and wrinkles.

These products are formulated with an organic preservative, without parabens nor dye. BEAUTE’tonic’s products are created in Provence and are not tested on animals.

Take a look at our online shop without delay, your skin will thank you for it!

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